Monday, September 29, 2008

A Voyage into your Thirties

I don't know about you guys, but "30" is a pretty big birthday amongst my friends and I. Not that too much changes between 29 and 30, but it's still a milestone. In my mind, it's the last birthday that you can get away with doing something completely juvenile without the presence of any children. It's also a great excuse to get absolutely wasted (but what birthday isn't?).

I dedicate this Post to my Top 3 favorite 30th Birthday Parties--2 of which I planned most of and 1 of which was completely out of my hands.

Here they are, in no order of preference:

1) Nautical Themed Karaoke Birthday Party (NYC) This party occurred at the end of August, when the weather was still nice out. As with all of these parties, it was a surprise for the birthday boy, who never would've agreed to come if he had known. However, as with all of these parties, he had the best time of his life. From the invite, to the card, to the attire, everything was centered around the theme of Nautical. We met up at a bar and the moved to South Street Seaport to catch our big boat and sing our hearts out.

Some pictures below.

A wonderful Birthday card thought up by me, but designed and executed by my wonderful, Photoshop wiz of a friend Greg. (Those are my friends' faces in place of the characters).

And this is the "Captain" or birthday boy, signing his heart out on the boat:

The rest of us had sailor hits, which were a big hit amongst the Midwest tourists boarding some of the other boats!

And my favorite decoration/prop/goodie? Pigs in sailor suits:

2) Field Day Birthday Party (NYC)
This party was held in April, and while the weatherman called for rain, it ended up being a gorgeous day out. The birthday boy loves playing outdoor games like wiffle ball and frisbee, so we decided, what better than a bbq and a day in the park? Well, how about a bbq, day in the park, and customized "team" T-shirts with the birthday boy's name on them! Pictures below:

Again, I get by with a little help from my friends, so I asked my friend Mike to design the shirts and I had them made at a local T-shirt shop.

This is us enjoying ourselves at Prospect Park, which despite the rules to the contrary, it is easy to sneak in libations of the alcoholic kind and other goodies.
We had a jolly good time!

3) Rock Legend Birthday Party (NYC)
What kind of party do you throw for the ultimate cool rock girl? Well a party at Chelsea Hotel of course!
My friends rented a sweet suite, complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen. We got there early and decorated the whole place with the b-day gals fave colors (red and black) and pictures of her and her friends all over the walls. The surprise was highly orchestrated, complete with blindfold!
Check it out:

That's all I got for now Party People, but stay tuned for the next post...(10) simple ways to make any celebration memorable.

xoxo Party Girl


Jaime said...

Having attended all three affairs, I must say all were a triumphant success in party planning.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're blogging and I look forward to reading! This stuff makes me realize how I have to start getting out more. :-)

Good luck with this new venture...I'll be a loyal reader!

<3 Dana

Pawel said...

Nice! It made me realize how over 30 and with kids I am. But it's all good, I'll just keep reading the blog and live in Agatha's world once in a while :-)