Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Bachelorette Weekend Ever

So I know I use the qualifiers "best" and "ever" quite a bit, but hey, it fits. Last weekend WAS the best of the best!!!

We took our B2B (bride to be) to Atlantic City for a luxurious stay at the Borgata. (I highly recommend it for anyone who wants nice decor and class, over cheese and schtick).

Our guest of honor won $550 at the slot machines!

We didn't know until we showed up that one of our fave bands, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, were playing. While we didn't go to the show, we met the band and B2B got her picture taken with Karen O!!

We also went to a yummy fancy restaurant, Buddakan. And karaoked our night away at Planet Rose at the Quarter at Tropicana.

When we were ready to leave, instead of all 11 of us taking 3 cabs back to our hotel, we scored a limo for the same amount of money!

It really was a night blessed with good luck and awesome times.

The only tips I have is Bachelorette Parties in AC are these:
- Don't expect special treatment, e.g. to get in free at clubs. They see the likes of you all the time and the cover is usually $15 - $20 per person, so warn everyone and pick one club you want to stay at.
- For pre partying in the hotel room, buy booze before you check in because they can be expensive at the hotel.
- Get to Planet Rose early so you can actually hear your songs, the wait is LONG once you sign up.
- Stock up on snacks before you go out drinking :-)

Love as always,

Friday, September 25, 2009

**Fine Art Friday**

Today's FAF is dedicated to POSTERS!!

Not only is this post about art, it also doubles as a gift giving guide. People love art, but art isn't always cheap.

But some posters are. While these are a step above the Trainspotting and Pulp posters we all had in college, they aren't going to break the bank.

Take a look at some of these awesome posters. And hey, if the person you buy them for doesn't like them, they can always hang them in the bathroom.

Check out this awesome site from Poster Child Prints.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The BEST Bridal Shower Ever

Saturday was my bff's Bridal Shower, or what her aunt and I dubbed "Bridal Luau."

Traditionally an aunt or female family friend throws the party and the bridesmaids help out with games and gift bags.

Lucky for Lo, she's got a kick ass aunt and some very creative bridesmaids!!

The theme of the party was tropical/luau style. To supplement the decor (leis, grass skirts, tropical flowers) and food, we centered our goodie bags around this as well.

The Goodie Bags included:
  • Tropical Drink recipes (also relating to one of Lo's favorite past time--mixology)
  • Candy like Almond Joy, Mounds, and tropical fruit flavored gummies
  • A drink flavored lip gloss
  • Colorful Swizzle Sticks
  • A Flip Flop coaster
The games were a HUGE hit. We didn't want to do anything traditional, obvs, and we wanted all of the games to mean something.

Keeping Lo and the audience in mind, we had the following games (prizes were either Margarita sunglasses or a tropical drink mix):
  • Name that Yacht Rock Love Song (crowd pleaser)!!--Just like "Name that Tune," we played a snippet from some of Lo's fave 80s songs (a la Lionel Richie, Hall n Oates, and Christopher Cross)
  • How well do you know Lauren and Alex Quiz--Fun questions about each of them individually, their cats, and about their relationship. Top 3 scorers got a prize.
  • Pin the Tail on the Japser--Lo and Al's older cat, name speaks for itself :-)

We did some traditional things that shouldn't be messed with like a champagne toast and some fun lingerie as a gift.

But you should always try something new and different at your next "traditional" soiree! It'll go a long way!!