Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Bachelorette Weekend Ever

So I know I use the qualifiers "best" and "ever" quite a bit, but hey, it fits. Last weekend WAS the best of the best!!!

We took our B2B (bride to be) to Atlantic City for a luxurious stay at the Borgata. (I highly recommend it for anyone who wants nice decor and class, over cheese and schtick).

Our guest of honor won $550 at the slot machines!

We didn't know until we showed up that one of our fave bands, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, were playing. While we didn't go to the show, we met the band and B2B got her picture taken with Karen O!!

We also went to a yummy fancy restaurant, Buddakan. And karaoked our night away at Planet Rose at the Quarter at Tropicana.

When we were ready to leave, instead of all 11 of us taking 3 cabs back to our hotel, we scored a limo for the same amount of money!

It really was a night blessed with good luck and awesome times.

The only tips I have is Bachelorette Parties in AC are these:
- Don't expect special treatment, e.g. to get in free at clubs. They see the likes of you all the time and the cover is usually $15 - $20 per person, so warn everyone and pick one club you want to stay at.
- For pre partying in the hotel room, buy booze before you check in because they can be expensive at the hotel.
- Get to Planet Rose early so you can actually hear your songs, the wait is LONG once you sign up.
- Stock up on snacks before you go out drinking :-)

Love as always,


marie said...

My friend is going to celebrate her bachelorette party. hope it will also be the best bachelorette weekend ever.

AGMAC said...

Let me know if you need any tips or suggestions!