Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The BEST Bridal Shower Ever

Saturday was my bff's Bridal Shower, or what her aunt and I dubbed "Bridal Luau."

Traditionally an aunt or female family friend throws the party and the bridesmaids help out with games and gift bags.

Lucky for Lo, she's got a kick ass aunt and some very creative bridesmaids!!

The theme of the party was tropical/luau style. To supplement the decor (leis, grass skirts, tropical flowers) and food, we centered our goodie bags around this as well.

The Goodie Bags included:
  • Tropical Drink recipes (also relating to one of Lo's favorite past time--mixology)
  • Candy like Almond Joy, Mounds, and tropical fruit flavored gummies
  • A drink flavored lip gloss
  • Colorful Swizzle Sticks
  • A Flip Flop coaster
The games were a HUGE hit. We didn't want to do anything traditional, obvs, and we wanted all of the games to mean something.

Keeping Lo and the audience in mind, we had the following games (prizes were either Margarita sunglasses or a tropical drink mix):
  • Name that Yacht Rock Love Song (crowd pleaser)!!--Just like "Name that Tune," we played a snippet from some of Lo's fave 80s songs (a la Lionel Richie, Hall n Oates, and Christopher Cross)
  • How well do you know Lauren and Alex Quiz--Fun questions about each of them individually, their cats, and about their relationship. Top 3 scorers got a prize.
  • Pin the Tail on the Japser--Lo and Al's older cat, name speaks for itself :-)

We did some traditional things that shouldn't be messed with like a champagne toast and some fun lingerie as a gift.

But you should always try something new and different at your next "traditional" soiree! It'll go a long way!!



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