Friday, July 31, 2009

Fine Art Friday

Courtesy of my friend Abby, I have had the pleasure to discover the illustrations of Dyna Moe. This comes just in time for the August 16th premiere of Mad Men!

Dyna, like myself, must have immaculate taste and a sense of retro style, because she illustrated a weekly desktop wallpaper for every episode of Mad Men, Season 2.

Enjoy these wonderful renditions of some of the greatest moments of last season on her Flickr site. And make sure to tune in on the 16th for the beginning of Season 3!

And if you haven't seen any episodes yet, get them on Netflix. This show is about advertising in NYC in the 60s, complete with all the misogyny, alcoholism, and deviant sexuality. It's a well written guilty pleasure ;-)

Oh Don Draper, you're even dreamy in 2-D!!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Game Show Fun

Some of you may know my disdain for Williamsburg hipsters and all their clever and crazy antics, but somehow, if you take the hipster out of the burg, I quite enjoy their company.

For example, last night I want to Dick Swizzle's Quiz Night at the Bellhouse. What was hipster about it? Well, it's a game show with bonus rounds of dance dance revolution and donkey kong. But who cares? It was F-U-N.

And if agmac loves one thing it's fun.

The hosts are a hilarious duo who use laser light show tricks and play the keyboard and dance and are just all around hilarious. The way it works is that you pay $5 and each round has (4) contestants who compete over three rounds of questions. There are a multiple rounds and the top scorers of each get to come back for the "finals." Prizes are given out a long the way for completing sound lyrics.

For the talent of not singing the correct lyrics to "Sister Christian" I won: a backscratcher/shoe horn, an awesome tee shirt (similar to this one, but WAY, way cooler), a watermelon door mat, a singing teddy bear and a cowboy hat.

Long live quiz night!!

xoxo agmac

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fine Art Friday

Sorry it's been awhile guys, things at work have picked up (Yay!) and I've been busy.

So today's FAF is dedicated to an ex Art Director turned artist and sneaker designer, Jayson Atienza. I met Jason at a Pulse party the other night and his work was hanging throughout the Pulse studios.

As you can see his work is very unique and really cool. It's almost like illustrated stained glass. Each element of the whole is a work of art in and of itself.

And then there are the sneakers...pretty rad. (And for you ladies, some pumps).

Check him out on his website. If you frequent ad parties, you'll probably see him there. He tends to schmooze with the celeb types, from what I hear ;-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Snapshot Wednesday!

Who says you can't bbq in the rain?

This image was taken by Jaime Fallon a couple of weekends ago at our friend Dan's house.

Abby and I are having a grand ole time cuddlin' under the umbrella. Ain't we Abby?