Friday, July 31, 2009

Fine Art Friday

Courtesy of my friend Abby, I have had the pleasure to discover the illustrations of Dyna Moe. This comes just in time for the August 16th premiere of Mad Men!

Dyna, like myself, must have immaculate taste and a sense of retro style, because she illustrated a weekly desktop wallpaper for every episode of Mad Men, Season 2.

Enjoy these wonderful renditions of some of the greatest moments of last season on her Flickr site. And make sure to tune in on the 16th for the beginning of Season 3!

And if you haven't seen any episodes yet, get them on Netflix. This show is about advertising in NYC in the 60s, complete with all the misogyny, alcoholism, and deviant sexuality. It's a well written guilty pleasure ;-)

Oh Don Draper, you're even dreamy in 2-D!!



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Sudeaux said...

I saw her site last year and loved it but didn't know she'd added so much to it this year. Thanks for the heads up from another Mad Men fan!