Friday, January 2, 2009

Fine Art Friday

I found out about Alex Prager from another cool blog and the images look like Eggelston prints or Hitchcock stills, they are so fantastic. And she’s a woman, which rocks. Her images are funky, weird and beautifully composed.

She’s been compared to Cindy Sherman (ala the film stills component) but as far as I can tell she doesn’t make cameos in all of her imagery.

The Polyester collection was made into a book.


psychopooch said...

oooo... i love these photos. did you get a chance to see the Eggleston exhibit at the Whitney? i have yet to go but it's definitely on my to do list.

AGMAC said...

The Eggelston exhibit was amazing! So was the Thomas Calder at the Whitney. I blogged about it! Hee.

psychopooch said...

dunno how i totally missed that post! reading it makes me wanna head over to the whitney even more. if only i'm not such a wimp about this cold weather ;)