Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The "IT" List--MAY Edition

This is a new segment of agmac's party and it's basically cool stuff I want to see, do or eat. It's my way of remembering this info and also of sharing it with you, my adoring fans.

For the month of May, here's what I'm looking forward to (or enjoying):

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
This crazy redneck documentary looks both scary and wildy entertaining. I love me some meth comedy. This was just in the Tribeca Film Festival and I'm not sure when it's being released to the rest of the world, but stay tuned!

Mark Ryden Exhibit
The coolest, weirdest artist of our time. Now in New York for our viewing pleasure.

That Tree
A cool video to check out by the super fun Snoop Dog and Kid Cudi.

Holy WHAT?
Another film, yet to be released, about a Hasidic drug mule. Called 'Holy Rollers.' And it's a true story!

Ear Cuffs
For when your ears need a break from cheap metal dangly earrings, there's these cool Victorian inspired ear cuffs. No harm done.

I'm off to Paris in 16 days which is cooler than cool. I'll post a June "IT" list all about Pareee! Mon amie!


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