Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Paris, Je t'aime

I'm not sure that I could love a city outside of New York more than I love Paris.

I just returned from a lovely week with my dear friend Abby. It is beautiful, clean, easy to get around, has great food and great wine.

I know everyone says this, but I'm hard to please when it comes to metropolises.

My favorite things were as follows:

The Montmarte Neighborhood
Go to the Sacre Couer and the slightly touristy square, but also eat here at my friends' restaurant. And go here for fondue and drink out of a baby bottle! Warning: this is the only wine I had in Paris that gave me a headache. So take a few sips for the photo op and call it a night ;-)

China Bar
I think they have one of these in NYC. But who cares? The bar is actually below the Chinese food restaurant. The night we went was open mic jazz fest. Hot men. Great music. Lovely atmosphere.

Canal St Martin
The apartment we stayed at was in this area. Hipster and artsy, this is a great area for walking the canal, eating and people watching. Especially this restaurant/bar.

Centre Pompidou
Amazing contemporary and modern art museum. But beware, it's HUGE. Took me about 2 hours to do one floor and there are 5 floors. Also amazing views from the top floor. Spend a whole day here.

AGATHA jewelry
I went to the one in Au Bon Marche and bought myself a watch. Not only does this line of bijoux have a great name, it's lovely ;-)

We also went to Versailles, the Louvre, saw the Arc Triophe and Tour Eiffel, walked through Pere Lachaise and Jardins de Tuilleries.

But there's still more to see! I am for sure going back.
Once I lose the 15 lbs of cheese I gained while there and make some more spending money.

French Agmac

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spring basil said...

I'm so glad you loved Paris. I knew you would. I could only see the first100 photos, but I'll try again on a different computer. So beautiful. Sigh. Can't wait to hear more. Xo