Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Wish List

So this comes a little early this year, but I'm just so dang excited to turn 30! ;-) Here's my Birthday Wish List...

1. For Pete, Greg & Mike to stop smoking cigarettes
2. A Holga (in white)
3. A Cannon DX
4. A Snuggie
5. A dress from this place
6. Those Reebok shoes that work out your butt and thighs while you walk!!
7. BIG ass dangly earrings
8. The "Brooklyn Gang" photo book by Bruce Davidson, full of hotties from the 50s
9. A Nooka Watch
10. The Amy Sedaris Entertaining book (second year in a row)
11. A sexy corsett
12. Nanette Lepore perfume
13. Polaroid film!!
14. She Ra DVDs


1 comment:

spring basil said...

Thanks for the good ideas. I wish all people made helpful lists like this. xxoxoxoox