Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snuggies All Around

Tapping into the Snuggie craze of 2009, I thought of a great Christmas party--egg nog and "trimming" your Snuggie!

So instead of trimming the tree, or decorating pine cones to hang on your tree, or any of the old school Xmas activities, how about Trim that Snuggie!

What you will need:
- A Snuggie
- Felt (...to cut into Santa, Angel, or Xmas tree shapes!)
- Glitter
- Sewing needle and/or safety pins
- Fabric paint
- Scissors
- A Bedazzler
- Spiked Eggnog



1 comment:

spring basil said...

hahahaha LOve it. Trim your snuggie. hahaah