Monday, October 26, 2009

Ask Agmac

What to do..what to do!

A close family member blatantly job networks (business cards and all) at important friend and family functions such as weddings, parties and even more intimate gatherings.
Feeling uncomfortable for my guests (who at times seem taken aback) I asked that she not do this.
I know times are tough but I believe these events are not the right places for this sort of behavior.
She believes people should seize any opportunity, at any time, to speak with and connect with the right people. We have discussed this at length and can’t seem to agree.
I have a big function coming up and am tempted not to invite her but know this will cause all kinds of family strife.
What to do....what to do?


Dear WTD,

That's quite a pickle! On the one hand, you want to help your friends and family members out who are struggling right now, but on the other hand, you want to be a good hostess and make your guests feel comfortable.

Here's what I'd do, I'd invite her so as not to cause additional drama to an already touchy situation. But I'd ask that instead of job networking that she try to make social contacts with people she doesn't know by inviting them to be a Facebook or LinkedIn pal, but ask her to leave it at that.

If the person doesn't seem interested or change the subject, advise her to let the situation drop. But if they agree, she can tell them that she'll get their contact info from you later.

That way, the family member can follow up AFTER the party, and save the networking for the Internet!

This seems like a great compromise that she can't refuse.

Yours Truly,


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