Friday, October 23, 2009

Fine Art Friday

Today's FAF artist comes recommended by one of his fans, his wife Dana. Dana is a photo agent whom I work with and she sent me some samples of her husband Michael's work. I absolutely love it.

His most recent work, "Palindromes," juxtaposes scenes with mirror images of each other, using vibrant color and pattern to illustrate mood.

Apparently, the last work in this series, titled “blue shift, red shift/red shift blue” is based on a Slim Aarons photograph, which was the subject of a previous Fine Art Friday!

His other paintings are equally as vivid--a mix of pop art and early American art, his subjects range from the traditional (sailboat) to the mundane (typewriter).

Both are equally as compelling and the timelessness of the subjects and colors would make any of these a great addition to your home.

I've met Michael once before with he and Dana's lovely children and I can say that not only does he make beautiful paintings, but he's got some beautiful children as well!! ;-)



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