Monday, April 27, 2009

Agmac's Barcelona

Hey Y'all! I'm back! And I've got some tips for you on BarTHElona! First off, I LOVE this city. It's clean, laid back, and beautiful.

Here's what I'd recommend...

Cal Pep
It's in all the guidebooks, yes. But sometimes you never know if something is worth the hype. Well, this place is. Definitely the best meal I had in Spain. No reservations, so you have to wait in line. But the good part to that is that you can drink wine while in line AND you can see what the other patrons are ordering since it's all about what they have that do (no set menu). And if you are pretty and nice, they may give you a special place mat (each of them are different and done by different artists) and a Cal Pep beer glass.

Just found out they have this store in SOHO, but whatevs! It's way better in Spain. Awesome, colorful clothes, and there are like 4 stores on Las Ramblas. Worth checking out even if you don't buy anything. I myself bought a kick ass bag.

Park Guell and Gracia District
I know, I know, the Park is a no brainer. But again, it's worth the hype. Also close by is the Gracia district, which is this super artsy, super cool neighborhood with great vintage and boutique shopping.

Wine bar in the Barri Gotic, best area to go out in. Order the kava sangria. YUM!

Casa Batilo (Gaudi designed home)
The line for the more popular La Pedrera was ridiculously long, so we went to the Batilo instead and it has an extensive audio tour. You get to visit the spectacular roof too. And the line is much, much shorter!

I also really liked our hotel, the Market Hotel. Great location and great service. Only drawbacks are that it's located on a very small "Passei" which is like an alley and cab drivers can never find it!

In general, try to get an updated street map before you go to Barcelona because there are a lot of small streets that the books will tell you to go to that people have never heard of!!!

Places not to go:
Don't go to Aqua on the beach, despite the reviews in your guidebook. WORST. SERVICE. EVER.

And I skipped the inside of the Sagrada Familia and don't regret it.


Karen said...

Hi -

Elise sent me your blog because i'm going to Barcelona in July!!! i booked 2 nights at Hotel Market based on ur recommendation, Thank u. Could you tell me which neighborhood it's considered to be?

Loved your blog.


AGMAC said...

Hi Karen! Thanks so much for reading!! Hotel Market has a super nice staff, just be careful when we were there our room cards kept deactivating, and they weren't sure why. It's considered the Exiample District ( and the hotel is right by the Mercat San Antonio.

AGMAC said...

OK, not sure it's Exiample, but it's close to the Metro and super safe:

Sant Antoni Market
Ronda Sant Pau/Carrer Comte d’Urgell
Metro: Sant Antoni (Purple Line, L2)
Mondays - Saturdays: 07:00 - 14:30; 17:30 - 20:30
Friday: 07:00 - 20:30

Karen said...

Ur the best thanks so much. Cant wait to go to Cal pep!!!