Friday, April 10, 2009

**Fine Art Friday**

This illustrator, Audrey Kawasaki, has such beautiful work.

I have a propensity towards dreamy illustrations of women. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I used to draw lots of lots of them when I was younger. Or maybe because I am one and can appreciate our beauty.

Either way, I discovered Audrey's work because she did a group exhibit in LA with another dreamy woman illustrator that I love, Stella Im Hultberg.

Her work is ethereal, poetic and just plain pretty. I like that most of her paintings are done on wood, it gives the work a subdued color palette and dream-like quality.

The women are either alone and naked, pensive-looking, or with another women, and often in the woods. This emphasizes the myth of woman as a creature of nature, a self reliant being that also values the bond with other women.

Or maybe all of this is because I've started watching the L Word on DVD and am all about woman power!


p.s. She graduated from Pratt, shout out to Fort Greene!

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Anonymous said...

I love these!