Wednesday, April 1, 2009

**Wedding Wednesdays**

Well, in case you didn't hear me announce it at the rooftops, my best friend is getting married!!

And I'm the maid of honor, which means I get to put all my agmacs party tips to good use.

The wedding is in October so every Wednesday I'm going to dedicate a post to cool wedding tips, fun ideas, ways to do weddings, bachelorette parties, etc. on the cheap.

Today's post is just a starting point. I haven't been to too many weddings but the ones I have been to have been very very special. Below are some of my favorite little things from them:

  • The coolest gifts to guests--a mix cd of the couples favorite songs, design of the mix matched the invitations and the colors of the wedding. A beautiful sentiment and way better than candied almonds.
  • Rooftop photographer--so in addition to a professional photographer, my friend had a photographer on the roof for some candids, and all out goofy pictures that were then sent to the guests in thank you notes.
  • Similar to the above, I just heard about a couple who tried to do everything on the cheap but splurged on a photo booth. People LOVE pictures of themselves and photo booths are so old school and fun.
  • Vodka on each table--an homage to his heritage and where the couple spent a year of their life, my cousin put a bottle of honey vodka on each table for toasting. Such a great addition to the party.
  • Personalized table numbers--instead of the regular, boring numbers indicating table numbers, one couple used photographs they'd taken, framed simply in some plastic stand alone frames. For example, table one was a picture of the Highway 1 sign. It was a great, personalized touch.
  • And Duh, a conga line!
That's it for the first installment!

I hope you enjoy Wedding Wednesdays.


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Jaime said...

I like this new addition to Agmac's party.