Friday, May 1, 2009

Fine Art Friday

Welcome to Fine Art Friday/ Spain Edition.

Today's artist is fashion/apparel designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

I discovered a designer with my name whilst in Madrid! She has my name which automatically makes her cool. Apparently she's very well known over there, but was new to me!

She's a quirky lady with outlandishly bright and colorful designs, a theme I noticed and LOVE about Spanish clothes and accessories. I got a notebook and some pens while at her store, because they didn't have my size in the dresses I liked.

She uses a lot of hearts, stars, butterflies, and other "kiddy" designs, giving her adult line an air of playfulness and levity. Some of it is a little too much for me, but I like the quirk of it. I can see Bubble from Ab Fab wearing her designs!

A perfect post for the start of Summer in NY. Enjoy!

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