Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Outdoor Series...

How do you make any party better? By doing it outside in nice weather. Obvs you don't want to have a party in the rain outside.

But anyway, we had a very special 30th Birthday party for our friend Dana. We combined her favorite things (the color red, wine, cheese, pampering, and daytime fun) and threw her a special booze-y brunch.

The key to this party was definitely the backyard, courtesy of Audrey, but if you can't have a backyard, you can always simulate the outdoors by taping a sun and clouds on the ceiling, putting plants around the dining room table, putting a blanket down and serving out of a picnic basket.

Or you can go to your local park or look into reserving space at a bar or restaurant. The only tips I have if you are doing it at a park is to bring weights in case there is wind (nearby rocks will due), and tupperware to cover the food.

It's true that I love New York immensely, but I would not be able to survive it without some outdoor excursions with trees and grass. Coming up later this week--an Amagansett-mazing good time.


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