Friday, June 5, 2009

Fine Art Friday

And oldie but goodie...Olivier Toscani. He's the man behind the most controversial of the United Colors of Benetton ads.

I was thinking of him because of a recent article in the NY Times about the “Controversies: A Legal and Ethical History of Photography" exhibit in Paris. A lot of talk about what's right and what's wrong to show and/or to censor when it comes to photographs.

I say push the envelope, if those images exist and they help expose horrors or wrongs that should be righted, expose them. If they are taken with the simple purpose of horrifying or exploitating, keep them away. Thanks, but no thanks David LaChapelle.

May seem simple, but that's my take. I don't believe that just by showing an atrocity, you are inuring a person to it. Does that mean the news shouldn't report on wars?

At any rate, enjoy Olivier's work and think back to a time when a corporation was doing more than using celebrities to make t-shirt designs or asking you to buy something for a small donation to Bono's cause.

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