Monday, June 29, 2009

Party with the Parents

Have you ever wondered, my parents are coming to town, what the HECK am I going to do with them?

Well...I've got some ideas! My parents come to visit fairly often, but being from the woods, they don't much like to hang out in Manhattan ;-)

So I try to do fun outdoor stuff with them that doesn't involve being trampled by tourists or traveling in honking cabs. Although, sometimes that's unavoidable.

Things I've done with them in the past:
- Bike ride around Prospect Park
- Walk around the piers in Red Hook
- Walk the Brooklyn Bridge promenade and get pizza at Grimaldi's and ice cream
- Grilled at my favorite bar in their backyard with friends
- South Street Seaport
- Tour of Greenpoint/Tour of any ethnic and interesting BKLYN nabe
- Five Borough Bike Tour (if your rents are into that sort of thing)

They came to visit me this past weekend and we did something that I've wanted to do for some time--visit the Cloisters in upper Manhattan. It was beautiful. That's where these pictures are from.

A couple of tips if you plan to do this:
- If you are driving, avoid taking the Triboro/RFK bridge because there's a $5 toll each way. But make sure you don't try to get back home during Gay Pride Parade since there will be tons of traffic!!
- Bring a picnic lunch. We paid $40 for 3 sandwiches and some chips at the overpriced museum cafe. Not worth it. You are better off bringing a picnic and eating it in the surrounding park either before or after you visit the Cloisters.
- Don't pay the suggested price. It's ridiculous and you don't have to feel embarrassed to offer them what you can afford since it's a "suggested" donation.

That's it.

Have fun with your parents!!

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