Friday, March 19, 2010

Fine Art Friday

Today I woke up with sea anemones on the brain, so it works out perfect that our Fine Art Friday is painter "Microbo."

This stuff is straight out of the sea with it's wondrous forms and squiggles. He (or she, I can't really tell) captures this quirky sea world and its funky textures and forms, wispies and weirdness.

Looks like some of it is painted on wood and then given extra depth and movement through a collaging of the actual canvases. A great touch.

Reminds me of a great picture of my bff Lo using a large piece of seaweed as a whip. (If I find said picture, it will surely become a Snapshot Wednesday). I also want to dedicate this post to her and her love of sea creatures :-)

XOXO Agmac

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Glossy Girl said...

you must find that photo album! it's an irreplicable piece of history!