Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Warriors

This weekend, starting on Thursday, was filled with amazing live music, awesome art, and a general sense of awe and appreciation for my artistic friends!!
Thursday was the Ex Debutantes show in Williamsburg, Friday was an art show at an old convent, and Saturday was a live music birthday extravaganza in honor of my friend Elise.

Nothing beats good live music so you add that to any event and it's bound to be a success.

The art show at the convent was really unique because there was a different installation in every room and in the old chapel downstairs there was musical chairs and then music by Donny Hue & the Colors.
My friend Deirdre had some pieces in the show, like the one below which I helped her "hook!"

And Saturday night, we partied the night away in Legion Bar's side room where musical acts included members of the Ex Debs & Donny Hue and the Colors and some surprise vocals by Lo Kelly.

It was a great weekend!

Ex's and Oh's


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