Monday, March 8, 2010


Last night was my SIXTH annual Oscar party. This year my bff Lo and her lovely hubby Al let me use their lovely apartment (sadly mine is too small) for the party.

Toned it down a little this year, you know, the recession and all. But I still managed to have some themed snacks and cups.

This year's menu included:
- Stanley Tucci-zee (Recipe: Pillsbury biscuits with Gouda cheese generously lavished on top)
- Crazy Heart-ichoke Dip (Recipe from the Food Network)
- S'Moreniques (Um, more for the look than the taste)

Then I went to my favorite place in the whole wide world, Party City, and bought cups themed for some of the nominees: Balloon cups for 'UP,' Camoflauge Cups for 'The Hurt Locker,' Country Western cups for 'Crazy Heart,' and 'Princess and the Frog' cups.

And a new twist this year--we had a best costume vote and my friend Greggie got it. Check out his Prawn claw from 'District Nine.' The prize was a DVD set of the "Best Of" the Oscars from the past 30 years.

And congrats to this year's ballot winner, Jaime!

My favorite party of the year, another success!!

Ex's and O's

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