Sunday, November 23, 2008

30 Going on 13

Hey Hey,

Yes, you guessed right, this post is all about how my best girlfriends and I went to see the YA sensation Twilight yesterday.

We did it up in style that only 30 year olds obsessed with a tween novel-turned movie can. We started out with brunch at Audrey's with excellent Bloody Mary's (get it, bloody!), yummy bagels, and chicken sausage. YUM.

Then we took the bus to the movie theater and were the first in line, with gaggles of teenager gals behind us. Our cover story? We brought our daughters to the movie but they didn't want to sit near us. Bahahahaha.
At any rate, we followed up the awesome movie with margaritas and Thai Food.

To those "haters," I say, if you can't embrace your inner child (or inner tween) and make a fool out of yourself, well, then you may as well call yourself a hipster. ;-)

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