Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is Here...Well for me at least

Hey blogowers (get it, like followers?)

Today is Tuesday and I am embarking on an almost week long family holiday.

To most, this sounds like a nightmare, but to me it means good food, free booze, fires in the fireplace, and a lot of sitting around in a warm house with a blanket.

But for those of you who don't like your family that much, or who have to deal with lots and lots of relatives and insanity, here's my Survival Guide to Holidays with the Family:

* Ear Plugs--especially good if you have nieces and nephews of the "shrieking" age

* A spare car--always try to take an extra care if you are going to a relative's house so you can leave when you want

* Netflix--when all else fails in the conversation department, a blockbuster film or a comedy are good crowd pleasers

* A good book--so you can be pretending to be engrossed in it when Uncle Ned tells you the same story for the upteenth time

* Running/walking shoes--For anyone leaving New York and going to Suburbia or Small Town USA, enjoy the trees and fresh air while you can!

* Booze. Stock up before Thursday. Nuff said.

Most importantly, just remember that while holidays are stressful, they are at least a break from work, break ups, house cleaning, cat poop and responsibility.

Have a happy and warm Thanksgiving and I'll be sending through **Snapshot Wednesdays** and **Fine Art Fridays** as planned this week.


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