Friday, November 7, 2008

Faux Art Friday

Hey, so I know this post isn't about social activities, parties, gifts or anything of the sort. But I'm not a one trick pony you know? I have other interests, not the least bit of which consume most of my day job--art and photography.

That being said, every Friday I'll introduce y'all to some cool artists whose prints you and I probably can't afford.

But who cares? It's fun to ogle.

I came across this guy Brian M. Viveros in an email about a gallery show at Thinkspace Gallery in LA.

His work is retro and dark, reminiscent of WWII Army posters with a modern "gaze" if you will.
While some people might scream, MISOGYNIST!, I think the women own their sexuality and their battle scares. They are saying, "Go ahead, try and mess with me, I'll kick your ass."

Happy Friday everyone.

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