Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello fellow professionals,

This post is dedicated to this past weekend, one of the best weekends I've ever had.

The weekend commenced on Thursday with RHTL's DJ night at Last Exit where we toasted at midnight in honor of my friend Deirdre's birthday.

Then on Friday, both having the day off, Jaime and I sweated for 90 minutes in hot yoga and followed up our date day with some lunch and a movie (Rachel Getting Married) at BAM

Friday night, everyone dressed up and went to a grand Halloween ball at Union Street. We had Dorothy after the Fall, Katy Perry, the Morton Salt Girl, Sweeney Todd Palin, and some party crashers from the Church of Ladder Day Saints.

Saturday was spent recovering, but then Lo and I rallied and went to the Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday, which was AMAZING. We danced it up to Brit pop with senior citizens and adorable Brooklyn toddlers till 11. Then off to Soda bar in honor of our friend Allison's Birthday.

And it doesn't stop there folks! Sunday morning, bright and early, my friend Martha and I made our way to Lafayette and Classon to fill cups of water for the ING Marathon runners. Since we ran out of water, we enlisted the help of a few good friends--Abby, Jaime and Audrey saved the day and helped us fill more cups and hand them out to the amazing runners.

The weekend ended last night with a girly girl movie night. Lauren, Abby and Jaime came over and we watched Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains. I have four words to describe this film: Diane Lane is fabulous.

That's all folks! I'll blog later this week with rules on how to be the best guest ever.

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