Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hostess with the Mostess

Ok y'all, here are some tips on how to be the Hostess (or Host) with the Mostest (or Most)

They are simple and intuitive, but some people do forget from time to time.

1. Advance Notice.
Always give your guests advance notice, at least one week, but two weeks is preferable, to any party or social gathering. Your friends are busy people and on a Monday, they probably already have their weekend activities planned out.

2. NEVER ask
I'm sorry, but I'm a firm believer that you do not ask people to bring something, you let them offer. If you run in the right circles, your friends will either ask what they can bring, in which case you can offer up a side dish or dessert for a dinner party, or a bottle of wine or booze for a drinking party, or they'll just bring something without asking. I hate BYOB parties and BYO-anything parties--they are gauche.*
*(The only exception is if the activity is a group-organized activity such as a Potluck in which everyone is contributing).

3. Snackies
Even if it's a drinking party and advertised as such, set out some cheese and crackers. I'm Polish and when someone comes into your home, you feed them. Simple as that.

4. The first guest
Never leave a guest alone. Even if you are in the middle of preparing for the party, hand them a glass of wine or a drink and engage them in conversation in your kitchen until another guest arrives.

5. Always greet guests at the door and take their coat
Self explanatory.

6. Buy More
Always get more than you think you need. Any good hostess wants to have too much (booze, food, etc.) vs. too little. I know parties can be expensive, so for booze, always buy that cheap 30 pack and hide it until the night gets going so you have booze for those rowdy late-night partiers.

7. Ask in Advance...
If anyone is allergic to certain animals or any kinds of food. Let the guests know what they can expect if you do have a pet at home and prepare something that a picky eater can eat. Assuming makes an ass out of you and ming.

8. Guests
Don't say no when people ask to bring guests. If you are having an intimate party, ask that your guests refrain from inviting more than (1) additional person and ask that they tell you in advance so you can plan accordingly. But it's rude to say no, unless the person wants to bring the entire cast of Rent, well then, we may have a problem. (The entire cast of Gossip Girl, NO PROBLEM).

9. Attire
Be specific if your party requires formal wear or costumes. You don't want anyone feeling stupid unless they want to.

10. Don't yell
Even if a guest breaks your favorite glass (which you should hide before any party) or spills red wine on your cat, refrain from yelling or causing a scene. Any good hostess keeps her cool and deals with the consequences later.

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