Friday, October 10, 2008

*Special Report* Social Clubs

OK, so this is a "special post," dedicated to Social Clubs. No, not the Indie Rock Band variety or the Italian Mafia kind. These clubs are about two things: bringing people together and doing something fun.

Here are a few of my favorite Social Clubs that I"ve participated in in the past Year:

1. BMX
This stands for Borough Music Exchange. The idea behind this is that you have a group of people who love music. Every month, or in our case due to the number of people interested every two weeks, someone makes a mix CD. This mix can be anything at all, there are no special rules or limitations. Then you send the mix out to everyone on the mailing list. Since I "started" this club, I made labels with everyone's addresses in the beginning and sent the labels to everyone on the list. This makes mailing go that much faster.
The reason we went with CD's, and not just an electronic exchange of music, is that it's really fun to see people get inventive with the cover designs, packaging and special inserts.
*I call to all my fellow BMXers who have made mixes thus far to post their cover art in the comments section!

2. Crafternoons
Knitting has become a big thing amongst hipster females as of late, sort of like taking back the very traditions that used to enslave us to empower us! Or something.
Anyway, Fall is a perfect time for "Crafternoons," in which a bunch of ladies (or if the guys are into this) get together and make crafts--that includes knitting, collage-ing, other special projects, and of course tasty snacks and booze.
The last one we did was last Fall and Abby made an apple pie and I made breakfast bagels. It was delicious, calming, and awesome.

3. Vampire Book Club
Some of you may know the sensation that are the "Twilight" books by Stephanie Myer, some of you, if over the age of 15 and male, may not. Twilight Saga
Well, it's a series of 4 books that center around a teenage girl and her romance with a vampire. While these are targeted towards teenagers, they have a huge following among women of all ages, including my friends and I!
So instead of a general "book club," we decided to have a themed book club centered around these Vampire stories. We've met twice so far at different people's houses and the hostesses prepared wonderful "vampire-themed" snacks and drinks such as Sangria & Red Velvet Cupcakes.
Our group is going to take a field trip to see the film once it comes out.
If you want to read something slightly more sophisticated and vampire-themed, I suggest Anne Rice

This stands for Brooklyn Ladies Association of Happy Hour and was started by my friend Martha as a monthly way to get the ladies together in different Brooklyn haunts that served yummy drinks. While we haven't done it in awhile due to everyone's busy schedules, when we did do it, we always opted for very special drinks at bars around the fine borough of Brooklyn that had a little somethin' special to 'em.

Remember, people actually like being a part of something, and "if you think of it, they will join."

Next Posting: How to be the Hostess with the Mostest!

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spring basil said...

Hey I like the music exchange club! I'd love to get a little package in the mail like that. Excellent idea agmac. :)