Monday, October 20, 2008

Guest Blog: Interview with a Planpire

Hello agmac-ers,

Last Thursday I was cordially invited to attend my friend Abby's work party. She works at
Moment, a very cool design firm in a kick-ass SoHo space.

The highlights were definitely the mini hot dogs and mini sliders, the kava (rose champagne) and the take home tee-shirts (a great party favor!)

Check out my interview with Ms. Hannan and some pictures (courtesy of Audrey Aponte) below:
Q: Abby, in your current job position, how many parties a year do you plan?

A: I'm the office manager for a small design firm, and I usually plan two major parties: the anniversary party for about 200 clients & friends, and the company holiday party. I also help out with other random events throughout the year.

Q: Do they typically give you a budget and tell you to work with it, or are you free to break the bank?

A: We usually start off by doing some research and getting estimates, and then I get a flexible budget. After that, any additional costs within reason are usually okay - as long as it is not for monkey waiters or ice sculptures.

I decided to get some extra wine and beer just in case which ended up helping out towards the end of the party.

Q: Do they give you any "requirements?" Or were all the choices basically yours as to food, music, decor, etc.?

A: There are no required elements, but there is an expected level of polish to the event since there are clients involved. This year people wanted a fancy party with gourmet comfort food.

I tried to be democratic in the process and held a few planning meetings for anyone who wanted to come. The group brainstormed ideas and then after that did what I thought would work the best. The biggest decision was finding a caterer and after that everything fell into place.

Q: Lastly, do you have a short list of vendors you rely on or do you search for new ones every time? Where do you find them?

A: I knew about Crave because they had catered a party in the gallery space downstairs earlier this year, and I loved their mini sliders! We found a few alternatives online but I would advise getting a good referral and trying out the food before hiring anyone. Most good caterers will have no problem with that, and will take care of any rentals themselves.

I'm always on the lookout for good ideas for the next party - thanks Agatha!

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