Monday, October 13, 2008

Other Awesome Party Ideas

So on Saturday my friend Mike expressed "concern" over me blogging only about parties that he's attended, basically fearing that he was going to be invited to some stranger's party some day, only to have it be some replica of party's past!

So this post is dedicated to Mike H. Here are some other awesome party ideas that I've had that never took flight.

1. Paint Ball
Boys love paint ball. A great idea for a co-ed party in honor of one of your fave guy pals.

2. Punks vs. Preppies
I can't take credit for this one, it was a party my friend Dierdre once threw. Basically, people got randomly assigned a type and had to dress up either as a punk rock kid or a preppie and later they had some kind of contest and I believe the Preppies won. It makes it more fun if the people dress up as the complete opposite of their usual inkling.

3.Trapeze Party
Um, need I say more? For those adventurous friends of yours who love to try new thing, why not spend a day at Trapeze school? Hell, I'd love it! (hint, hint ;-)

4. Pizza Grill
My friend Greg B. sent this to me. Basically, you make a bunch of pizza dough and buy lots of pizza toppings. You cook the pizza dough half way in the oven, and then people come over and make pizzas. The fun part is that you put a pizza stone in a regular weber grill, and after
everyone has assembled their own pizzas, they bake them the rest of the way on the stone in the grill.

5. Roller Skating Part-ay!
While roller rinks died away in the past decade, they are seeing a resurgence. Mainly thought of as a "retro" thing, there are actually die hard skaters who simply love jiving to the music. Check out this Roller Rink in Brooklyn.

6. A Decade Party
Always a fun twist to liven a party up, specialize any event (Anniversary or Birthday) by making it center around "that date in history." For example, if it were my Birthday we could put up pictures of famous people born on December 23, 1979, get music that was popular in 1979, make snacks and food from 1979 (bottle rocks!) and even dress up in 70s attire.

7. David Bowie Party
Self explanatory. David Freakin' Bowie.

8. Bath Houses
Weird, and maybe a little too intimate for some, but the idea is that you go to a bath house, wearing bathing suits, and soak up the goodness with good friends. Hell, you can even go to one with a billiard and cigar room! A GREAT idea for a bachelor party!

9. A puppy party!
I just went to one of these on Saturday. The best thing in the whole wide world is a puppy dog. Bring one to your next party, and I assure you it'll be a success.

1o. Wee-Lympics
OK, so this is the only one so far that's been done already, and at Mike H's house no less. Idea is simple, project Wii onto a wall, make people dress up in tennis outfits, and battle it out on Wii tennis, bowling, baseball, etc.

Party on people, party on.

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Celeste (NYC-ME) said...

Hi friends of Agmac's Party Blog!!
I am a huge fan Bath houses, spas and generally anything water related. So, I could not let this blog entry go by without adding this place to the list:
Korean Spa/Water park combo in Queens.

woot woot!!