Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stoop Sale Fun

Evidence that anything can be turned into a party--our stoop sale on Sunday. Four of my gals and I got our "vintage" clothes and other knick knacks together and planted ourselves on Abby's stoop to see if we can make some cash in these hard times?

The results--we made between $30 - $60 each and spent it all that night at Bonita on Margs and Tacos!

But the sale itself was so much fun. We had a beautiful day in Brooklyn and started out the morning with coffees form Connecticut Muffin and my homemade apple turnovers (which Abby sold 2 for $1!!).

When the wine stores opened, we bought some bottles and made some delicious Sangria. The whole time, we had an ipod going and we made lots and lots of neighborhood friends.

Check out the pix below (Photos by Jessica Schoen):


All is on! said...

those apple turnovers were amazing!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived an in area where I could host one of these! Perhaps I'll have to drag a few of my "vintage" items out to Brooklyn next time and join you guys. :-)

audrita said...

could i please have an apple turnover?