Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Freakin' Halloween!

Beware, this post may be more gruesome than what agmac's partiers are used to!

In honor of this fair holiday coming up, I've put together some great links to party decorations and other Halloween-themed fun.

Since Halloween is on Friday, and I will be attending the kick-ass annual Union Street party, I won't have pictures until after the weekend. So this should tide you over.

Check out the following Websites for Off-the-Cuff Decor and some of the best examples from each (MWAHAHAHAHAHA):

Horror Dome

Zombie Risers, Blood Suckers, and lots of really expensive special-effectsy/animatronic creatures can be found at Horror Dome.

Gore Galore

For "clever clevers" or clown zombies, check this site out.

Dapper Cadaver

I will spare you this sites' animal fetuses, but it does have cool creepy portraits (like "James") and fun medical and lab supplies.

And this one, well this one is wrong on so many levels:

Creepy Feely Game

For those who like to drink, I salute you:

Skeleton Funnel

Tasty Treats:

Syringe Cookies

Anyone got a lot of money to spend on chi chi Halloween?
Dean & Deluca

And lastly, my good friend Dana has an awesome blog and her favorite holiday is Halloween, so check out some of her best posts:

She Walks Softly


Anonymous said...

Great choices for the sites you posted (and thanks for including mine!). I'm actually geeky enough to have had most of these bookmarked for Halloween browsing. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Skele-funnel. Ah yea....