Monday, February 9, 2009

*Ask Agmac*

Dear Agmac,

I recently stayed at my friend's parent's house for the weekend house party. They were gracious hosts and made sure I was comfortable and well fed. If I gave them a bottle of wine and flowers as a thank you gift, do I still need to send a thank you card when i get back? What is the proper protocol when it comes to thank you cards?

House Party Guest

Dear House Party Guest,

You seem very gracious, so cheers to you for that.

However, you don't want to seem desperate-to-please or overly gracious, so one thank you gift is definitely enough! Thank you cards are generally reserved for when one gets gifts or something thrown in their honor.

Protocol for house guest hospitality is definitely a nice gift of vino or flowers/plant.

The only time you'd want to do an extra thank you after the fact is if the host/hostess went above and beyond the call of duty and gave you a very special time. In which case, you can reference it in your thank you note.



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