Friday, February 27, 2009

**Fine Art Friday**

I just met with this kid, yes KID, on Tuesday who is 19 years old, never finished high school, and is currently shopping around a book he himself made with images from his 2 month stint in tribal Africa.

In other words, he's a prodigy. A full fledged, real life art prodigy who looks like a teenager. (Oh wait, he IS a teenager!)

His work is beautiful--some dark and gritty, but not overly retouched and manipulated. His lighting is gorgeous and he has a terrific sense of placement and composition.

He's already worked on nationally recognizable campaigns, such as the Twilight posters (we all know I'm a fan of those!), and numerous editorial images of musicians.

I hate him because he makes me think of all the things I have NOT accomplished, but I love him because he's an amazing photographer.

Check out Joey L's work here and here and see for yourself. Don't start crying, just appreciate that some people in this world with born with talent. And some of us just blog about it ;-)

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