Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

This Saturday I threw the best surprise party ever, because I surprised the people that for my whole life were un-surprisable--my parents!

For the longest time, I couldn't put anything past them. They always knew when I was up to something ;-)

So this was no small feat. And let me tell you, they were floored! And most importantly, they were ecstatic.

It all started with a custom-made invite, a picture of my parents when they were dating in high school. It was sent to all of their friends and our family. The only problem was I didn't put an RSVP number!

Good thing I knew all their friends would come!

The venue I chose was in Middletown, CT, a 15-minute drive from my parents' house and also a convenient middle ground for all their friends. The venue was a restaurant so the ruse was that I was taking them out to dinner for their anniversary.

I also got a custom-made cake at Stew Leonard's with another vintage picture of them when they were young. They did a fablous job, and it cost about 1/4 of what it costs to get photo cakes done in CT!!

Lastly, I decorated the place with a vase on each table (on sale for only 69 cents from Ikea) and a few yellow roses in each, gold and silver balloons from Party City, a place card with important events of 1979 (including their marriage and my birth!), and most importantly, a table of pictures of my parents and my parents and me over the years. This was the best received part. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people love looking at memories.

I got a lot of praise from their friends on the great food and the great party, but what meant the most to me was that my parents were so happy. I'm so glad I could do this for the people who have done so much for me.

My only regret was not asking for the leftovers! I was so pre-occupied and they never asked. But oh well, now I know and so should you--you have every right to take the extra food home!!

(You can check out more photos on my Flickr page.)

agmac, ultimate party girl

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Gowanus Whitefish said...

YAY! You did it! That is truly touching, Ms. Agmac. :-)