Monday, March 16, 2009

Ask Agmac Time!

Dear Agmac,

I am doing an AIDS ride (bike ride to raise money for AIDS research)
from May 31 - June 6! And I need help thinking of fundraising ideas/events to raise money. I want to raise $3k minimum, but want to aim for $4k!

Signed, Marty Rivers

Dear Marty,

This brings back memories of The OC and all their wacky Chi Chi charity balls! I loved those!

But for us real folks who don't live in La La Land, but in the coolest borough in the world, Brooklyn, I have some ideas:

- Band Aid (with a donation at the door--see my post about Jaime's party for ideas)

- Stoop sale with all your friends donating stuff

- Some sort of "Bake Off" where you split the pot (something hipstery like mac n cheese or chilli)

- A singles auction OC style!! (your hot friends offer themselves up!)

- Clothing drive (again with a 'lil help from yo friends)

- Facebook drive (auction of something crazy like a week of wearing the winner's face on your shirt)
(Welcome to the BK, bitch!)

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