Monday, March 23, 2009

Parties that Wow

So I received a party planning book from my friend Dana for my birthday and I thought I'd take this opportunity to review it.

And by review it, I mean that I will post the helpful hints I found in it. Overall, the book only focused on centerpieces and decorating a table, which is only one small part of the parties that I like to throw. (He's really really into "floating" centerpieces, which is hanging stuff from the ceiling...)

At any rate, this book is called Parties that Wow by Jonathan Fong. He is mainly an interior designer and floral arranger, which is why it makes sense that his tips revolve around centerpieces and the like.

But I did find some cool ideas for invitations and place settings. For example...
  • Wrapping candy bars in gauze and making 'yummy mummies'--great for Halloween
  • Samiches wrapped in perty floral napkins, tied with ribbon and flowers--great for a fancy ladies garden party!!
  • A snow globe invitation--using those DIY snowglobes, awesome
  • Using a strawberry pot to serve snacks--this one was for a Fiesta theme so the different compartments had cheese, salsa, sour cream, etc.
  • Patron candles as name cards--so funny, you get those patron candles at the bodega and wrap them with the person's picture and name
So the take-away is that you can find inspiration in books, but you should add your own flare to any party.


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