Friday, March 13, 2009

**Fine Art Friday**

Today's fine artist is Paula Sanz Caballero.

I have seriously never seen anything quite so inventive and COOL in all of the portfolio reviews I've been to.

This illustrator uses embroidery and textiles to illustrate fashion. It looks time consumming, and to those of us who can't sew to save their life, excruciating.

But she's incredible at it. Sometimes she mixes the technique with traditional pencil drawings, but every time it's spectacular.

She comes from a family of four generations of textile merchants, so combine that with talent and art school, and this is the result.

Check out some of the details in these samples--they are impeccable!

Love it love it love it.


Jaime said...

This is amazing. Good find!

spring basil said...

This is my favorite Fine Art Friday ever! Thanks for sharing!