Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

So I was thinking that I should start reviewing good places to hang out, be social, meet up with friends, have b-day parties, etc., and of course, warn you of the bad places.

So here is the first installment. My bias, if you've been paying attention, is towards Brooklyn. So most if not all of the reviews here on in are going to be based in BK, so deal with it.

Below are a few places I've been to during those hours past the Happy Hour hours...

Clover Club (Thumbs Down)
210 Smith St, Cobble Hill
I find the staff humorless and unhelpful and the atmosphere stuffy. Who wants to pay $18 to get treated rudely? That sounds like some kind of masochistic crap to me.

Franklin Park (Thumbs Up)
618 St. John's Place, Crown Hts
Great music, Great bartender, Great beers. The only complaints are that they don't take credit cards and they don't have food. BUT they do have a vast array of local menus, just ask the bartender. Can't wait till it's warm and they open up the patio! (P.S. They have trivia on Monday nights).

Radegast Hall & Biergarten (Thumbs Up)
113 N 3rd St, Williamsburg
I love this place and it almost erases my horrible experience at the Astoria Beer Garden last summer (the words, military state come to mind). You get a great deal on the food if you order in the back at the grill. I personally LOVE the bratwurst and the choice of mustards, ranging from spicy to not so spicy. And of course there's lots of beer. Only downside? Can get really crowded really fast, so try to go on a weeknight on the early side.

Bell House (Thumbs Up)
149 7th St, Gowanus
This place is a good mix of older people and hot, hot hipsters. It's like the new Williamsburg. They have shows in the backroom for extra admission, but the bar area has a lot of seating and really cheap deals on Sixpoint beer. Only downside? The location is in the middle of Rapetown.

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