Tuesday, December 2, 2008

*REPOST*Everyday, or Early Holiday, Gift Giving Guide

********This is a re-post from October. I will also be doing a Holiday Gift Giving Guide Part II next week, so look out for it!************************************************************
I know it's only October, but there's no reason you can't start thinking about the holiday season now.

I consider myself a creative gift giver and would like to think that I know the tastes and desire of my friends & family pretty well. All it takes is to keep your ears open throughout the year for hints and a penchant for the creative.

Below is a list of my absolute favorite gift websites, along with some ideas for family members. I will repost when it gets closer to Christmas to remind everyone!

Gifts for just about ANYONE:
My favorite, favorite gift website in the whole wide world is Excitations
Because better than giving someone an object or a "thing," is giving them an experience.
With this site, you can choose a city and the type of experience you want to give--whether it be a culinary tour, a wine ta
sting, a cooking class, a hot air balloon ride, or even a glass blowing class!
I've given this as a gift for holidays, birthdays a
nd weddings. I especially like giving it as a wedding gift in lieu of money because I'm not quite at the age yet where I feel it's appropriate to give checks or cash as a gift.

Gifts for your gal BFF's:
Let's face it, ladies love jewelry and pretty thing
s. There are a slew of websites out there that have amazing crafts, jewelry, kitchen items, etc., but below are my two favorites:

* Etsy, and especially check out my friend Jennie's line!

* Elsewares--has art, jewelry, clothing, kitchen items, th
e whole shibang!!!

Gifts for Co-Workers:
Otherwise known as stupid junk you wouldn't ge
t for people you actually like...

* Cube Goodies

*Exit 9

Gifts for a boyfriend's or girlfriend's Mom:
* Pylones
Some people (my bff Lo) think this stuff is tacky junk. But if you shop with a discerning eye, one or two kitschy things can make a home! (Take my obsession with pigs for example--I wouldn't decorate my entire apartment in pink pigs, but a tiny item here or there adds to my "quirkiness).
And you don'
t really have to know the person's taste or home decor, because you can just get something fun!

*Fine Chocolates are also always welcome, no matter if the person eats them or not, they're a nice gesture and fun to share. My favorite chocolates are both beautiful and delicious... MarieBelle

Gifts for a boyfriend's or girlfriend's Dad:
This is simple, Liquor. First, find out if said Father is a recovering alcoholic. If not, then a really nice bottle of scotch goes a long way (I recommend Johnnie Walker Green or Blue).

If you are married and this is a father-in-law, or if you are looking for a gift for YOUR Dad, try a gift that keeps on giving such as...
Wine of the Month

Beer of the Month

Just make sure the state you are delivering to allows for alcohol shipments.

Homemade Gifts:
This can sometimes be the most special (and let's f
ace it, cheapest!) gifts you can give. However, in my experience, it's always better if you have an established talent, such as sewing, or photography, or baking.
My favorite handmade gift maker is my cousin-in-law Carey. She's super shy and modest about it, so I won't link to her blog, but below are a few things she's made for her friends and their kids. Aren't they FANTASTIC?!?!?!
From top: Aromatherapy pillows and a knitting needle holder; Traveling Chalk Board; Crayon holder.

Art as Gift:
This can be tricky!! I do NOT recommend buying art for someone UNLESS: a) your friend/family member is in the midst of redec
orating or moving into a new place, and b) unless you really know the person's taste.

* For lovely prints by independent artists see Etsy (above)

* Vintage Art

* A fave artist of mine... Stella Im Hultberg

* Great prints from illustrators around the worl
d... Soma Art

Wedding Gifts:
* See Excitations (above)

* Black-Out Kit...
Another great idea, which is "homemade," was given to me years ago by my co-worker/friend Cathi. She suggested getting the happy couple a "Blackout Kit." This consists of activities to do that don't involve electricity or TV. These can be "sexy time," or just playful and things that help couples reconnect. Some examples include pottery clay, candles, mad libs, board games like Boggle, a blind fold, massage oil (get your mind out of the gutter!), aromatherapy, etc.

* Awesome and great for any hip upcoming parents you know... Rockyabyes

* Rock Tees


Greg Costello said...

You need to give full disclosure that Elsewares is operated by a close friend/neighbor. Otherwise I doubt your blogjournalistic integrity.

ChiefAdminOfDrunkenness said...

I just love that Greg is reading the blog. But these suggestions are awesome and I still maintain that Pylones stuff is weird. Also glad you did not put Pearl River Mart on there!

AGMAC said...

GIRRRRLLL, I totally stand by the Pearl River Mart! Some great ceramics in that place, and of course, bamboo is a great housewarming gift!

mike. said...

um, it's shEbang, not shibang. noob.

AGMAC said...

Sorry Mike, some people weren't born in this country and are not familiar with the vernacular.