Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thirsty Thursdays (by Lo)

Sometimes the best drinks are the ones you don't intend to make!
As a frequent mixer of drinks for my friends, my BFF Agatha is often brave enough to try out my new creations, even when they're a little questionable. For the drink pictured, I wanted to use my favorite ingredient, mint, to add a summer flavor to a winter drink. Watch this special behind-the-scenes video and try out the following recipes at home for some yummy winter treats. Enjoy!

The Froth Bite
(title courtesy of my pun-making partner in mixology, Alex)

2 oz. chocolate or vanilla (I recommend Svedka) vodka
1 oz. midori, or more as needed
5 or 6 mint leaves
Soy milk

Add vodka and mint leaves to a shaker. Muddle the leaves in the vodka until they are practically shredded and give off a little color. Add three or four cubes to the shaker and enough soy milk to cover the cubes. I like using soy because it really froths when shaken. Now, add the midori until you get the color you like! I recommend 1 oz. but if you like melon liqueur, the flavor actually goes really well with the mint. Shake and strain over a martini glass.

The Renesmee
(yeah, yeah, we love Twilight)

2 oz. bourbon (Jim Beam works)
2 blackberries
1 lemon
Simple syrup
Black currant nectar

Add the juice of 1 lemon (if too tart for your palate, substitute one half of the lemon with half an orange), pulp and all, to the shaker. Add 1 tsp. simple syrup. Muddle 1 blackberry in the sour mix until it's tinted purple. Add bourbon and ice, then pour in enough nectar to cover the cubes. Shake and strain over a martini glass, and drop in the extra blackberry. The mixture is tart and sweet, just like half a vampire!


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i enjoyed listening to fringe in the background.

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