Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dinner Parties, Tapas Style

Most people FREAK out at the prospect of dinner parties. But my friend Jessica has them at least twice a week!

And they are awesome, but they don't involve a crazy amount of work or that much stress.

What she basically does is invite a couple of friends over, pick a general theme or dish to center the night around, and ask someone to bring a bottle of wine.

It turns out wonderful. A couple of weeks ago the theme was Guacamole and Beans & Rice. The guests brought margarita mixers and booze. DEE-LUSH-OUS!

You too can have a "dinner party!"

Some great basics:
- Cheese
- Olives
- Cornichons
- Proscuitto
- Wine
- Nuts

And for the warmer dish, anything baked such as:
- Baked Brie (can add sunflower seeds on top and some garlic, and serve with crackers)
- Bean dip with some cheese
- Squash or Eggplant, baked with some yummy spices and Olive oil inside
- A Flatbread Pizza (homemade or from Trader Joe's!)

Take it from me, these are fun for the host and guests alike!

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GowanusSlope said...

Love you, Agmac! How about some spiced cider and calvados this week? The tropic heat has already left my blood and it's time to reanimate.