Monday, December 29, 2008

Ask Agmac #2

Dear AgMac,

I really want to acknowledge a few people in my life who provide me
great services year-round but don't have the extra cash to be dolling
out big tips. For instance, my fabulous hairdresser, the nurse who
gives me my allergy shots every week, the bartender at
Rope/Barcade/Insert favorite bar here, my cleaning lady (ok, so I have
some extra cash), etc. What is an appropriate way to express my
gratitude and wish them a happy new year?

Skye Quartermaine


Dear Skye,

That's a great question, and how very thoughtful of you to think of these people at the start of a new year!

I would suggest a nice card and some homemade goodies! You can buy cheap cookie tins and give each person a nice assortment of goodies that you made (cookies, fudge, candy, lemon squares, brownies, etc.) or if there is something you make better than anyone else, that'd be a nice gesture as well!

Happy New Year to you!


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