Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dedicated to NY

Ok, so the annual "Reasons to love New York" NY Mag issue just came out. And I was surprised that the following things weren't on there!

#1. 311 Hello! What other city offers you a helpful person to complain to about a dog barking, gives you parking information and allows you to vent about just about anything? I for one, am a huge fan. I've called them several times to complain and they actually listened. Ah, 311, I love you.

#2. Beautiful People. This city has the most attractive people of any metropolis anywhere. Trust me. Boston, barf. SF, yuckeroos. Paris? Well, I've heard that they got nuthin' on us.

#3. Photography. This is where my dorkiness comes in, but since I know a little something about this, I can safely say that the best photographers in the world come HERE to work. And if you are looking for a great photographer, look no further.

#4. People care...about what they look like! You won't find any local (I'm not talking about the F'in tourists here) leaving the house in pajama pants. People actually dress to be seen.

#5. Respect. If you want to sit on a bench in the West Village and read your NY magazine at 6:00 at night in 40 degree weather, no one is going to interrupt you. I'm sorry, but people who say NY'ers are mean are stupid. We are not mean, we are respectful of people's emotional space, if not their physical. I don't want to hear your life story dude, and I don't need a friend.

#6. Public transportation actually makes sense. This coming from a transportaphobe. I can get lost in a square. But even I understand how to read a subway map.

#7. Brooklyn. That's right, the best borough in the city. And the best town in the U.S. Brooklyn is where it's at. Before I moved to NY, my only experiences were stepping in slushy puddles and getting yelled at by bus drivers in Manhattan for not having exact change. Then I discovered Brooklyn...the trees, the architecture, the space, the community, the vibe...the list goes on and on.

#8. You can ask how much someone pays for their apartment and it's not considered rude, it's "research."

Feel free to add your reasons in the comments!


Greg said...

I will tell you what a great thing is not about New York. It is all the people who fuck with you. When they say things like "Get out of my way" or "move your sleeping bag" or "I'll call the cops if you don't get your hand off my upper thigh," this city is fucking with me in the most bad way. It is really so bad that I feel that I am getting angry right now. I am going to have to make someone find out.

audrita said...

lol! lost in a square!