Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Birthday gift Registry

Random Thoughts, by Agmac.

Why, if they have registries for babies and weddings, don't they have them for Birthdays and Christmas? I think this is a brilliant idea for a social networking website--the fregistry.com. Or something.

Here's what would be on my registry (in case anyone was wondering what to get me this year :-)
  • A snazzy biz card holder. Cuz I never have any on me.
  • A white noise CD. My apartment building is uber loud and I need me some white noise.
  • Dangly earrings. S'up?
  • Lipgloss. A gal can never have too much lipgloss.
  • A 2009 Calendar that's easily fastened to a fridge.
  • An acoustic guitar.
  • A pair of cotton pjs with lambs on them to replace the ones that I used to have, but had to throw out cuz they had all sorts of holes in 'em.
  • One of those cool knit hats that all the cool gals are wearing, the ones that kind of resemble sacs.
What would be on yours?



spring basil said...

I was thinking of this EXACT idea this year for xmas. Let's do it. Ps it's almost your birthday - what kind of party is being planned? details please!

AGMAC said...

Thanks cutie! I just got your pretty xmas card. I miss you but I'm def planning a trip out to SF next year, maybe in October, so I can see the new lil' one! This year I"m doing a low key dinner and drinks at a bar near my house for my bday since it's only my 29th ;-)

shewalkssoftly.com said...

I use the Amazon wish list because they just added a "universal" feature that allows you to include products from ANY site (not just Amazon). It's super convenient and useful! I highly recommend it. You can easily share the link with others.