Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Minute Gift Giving Guide

In my world, December 11th is last minute for Christmas or Channukah gifts. But that's just me.

Anyway, this is the follow up installment to my original gift giving post, filled with so many awesome, and some recession-friendly, gift giving ideas.

Cuz it wouldn't be without these helpful suggestions.

Gifts for friends with a sick sense of humor like yours
Gifts for Friends who are obsessed with Twilight, or for your teenage cousins/nieces
  • We've all got them. You know who you are. Check out these cheese-tastic gifts--iPod covers, shoes and Edward Cullen dog tags--at
Art for friends with weird tastePersonalized Gifts (always a good idea)
  • T-shirts with inside jokes or special messages at Cafe Press
Pretty Things
  • Anything from this site would be good for a girlfriend if you don't know her that well or just can't figure out what to get her, look here
For Mad Men Lovers!Books, for anyone
For Co-Workers

Gifts if you have some money to spend...
...If you have no money to spend
  • Send an e-card espousing your cheapness or lack of employment

And a tried and true gift when all else fails, DVDs of awesome movies. You can visit Amazon for that.

Lil' Elf Agmac

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